NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Minns Government Transport Oriented Development policy (“TOD” reforms)

On Monday, 20th May, Christiane Berlioz of BPN gave oral evidence to the NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into the Development of the Transport Orientated Development (TOD) Program. Christiane spoke in one session alongside Jeff Angel from the Total Environment Centre and Save Sydney Coalition representatives, David Reynolds and Merrill Witt. Christiane included valuable input from BPN member groups in  her presentation, and made an important closing comment about the need
to look seriously at the many other factors influencing the housing  crisis.

A transcript of the day’s hearing is online at

Other witnesses spoke in support of, or against, the substance of the TOD
Program and about the process and implementation – the first stage of
the Program has now commenced without the State Environmental Planning Policy ever having been exposed  to public consultation – only to comments from selected Councils.

In relation to the State Government’s related proposals – The Low- and
Mid-Rise Housing Policy, a Policy Refinement Paper was published in late
April, in part responding to submissions received on the Explanation of
Intended Effects (EIE). At first glance, there appear to have been some
important changes but the dual occupancy rules remain. The Policy
Refinement Paper (see below) was sent to Councils but does not appear to
be on the website at


Workshops are proposed for all 49 Councils which made submissions on the
EIE. Although no official date has been announced for the implementation
of the Low- and Mid-Rise Housing SEPP, expectations seem to be for the
end of June.

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