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The Better Planning Network (BPN) is a state wide, volunteer-based, not for profit incorporated community organisation that is fighting for better planning in NSW. Our aim is to have a robust and visionary planning system that fosters best practice environmental, heritage, social sustainability and design outcomes.

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BPN does not support any specific political party. BPN Members, Affiliates, Friends and Supporters consist of individuals both non affiliated and affiliated with a political party. BPN encourages all to be actively involved in their community and support policies from political parties where these seriously address better planning for NSW.

BPN advocates the following:

  • Community wellbeing (which goes beyond just economic growth must be at the heart or our planning system.
  • Involving communities in planning and decision-making is essential at every stage of the planning process.
  • Protecting our environment, natural and cultural heritage is fundamental to the wellbeing of our communities.
  • Development must comply with evidenced-based strategic planning
  • Infrastructure including education, health, green spaces, rail and road must go hand in hand with development.
  • Minimising corruption and developer influence must be a priority for our new planning system.

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