Better Planning Network wants answers! – Media Release

Planning Reforms to date have failed to solve the housing affordability issue and the focus on fast delivery of dwellings has left many communities and BPN members all over NSW disgruntled.

The planning policy positions of candidates in the #NSWVotes2023 election, particularly of many independent and minor party candidates likely to enter Parliament, are often unknown.

Better Planning Network (BPN) has released a set of questions for #NSWVotes2023 candidates for the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council.

The questions reflect feedback from BPN members about high priority electoral issues, including:

  • Is a root and branch review of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 needed?
  • Has Ministerial discretion gone too far at the expense of sound decision making?

See Questions for Candidates attached, which we invite all media to consider using when interviewing candidates in the forthcoming election.

BPN supports the Community Charter for Good Planning in NSW.


BPN will report back on #NSWVotes2023 candidate responses and policy statements in the week before election day, 25 March. Further information: Anna Christie, BPN Leadership Group, 0425 322 186

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